Our Story

It all began with a river called “The Blackstone.” It was her gentle but powerful currents ideal for water-powered industry, also commonly known as “mills,” that attracted business owners and laborers to this area. They were seeking souls with questions in their hearts, a thirst for God and desire for community and devotion. It was out of this need and desire that the parish of Saint John emerged.

The first Anglican services in the Wilkinsonville section of Sutton were conducted on June 17, 1825 in the Rising Sun Hotel. In short order, construction for a permanent house of prayer was underway with a generous down payment of $1000 (a huge sum at the time) offered by the local mill owner, David Wilkinson. The new church, named for the fiery and passionate Saint John the Baptist was consecrated by the late Bishop Alexander Griswold on June 24, 1828. The Reverend David LeBaron Goodwin, a young lad, 25 years of age was the first rector.

Since that first liturgy over 180 years ago, Saint John’s Church has experienced a rich a vital life history, counting many blessings and surviving many struggles, not the least of which was the Hurricane of 1938, which devastated much of the existing church building. Deep in the psyche of Saint John’s is this notion of being in the struggle and holding on to hope, taking risks and daring to revision. That is where we find ourselves today. We are a new-old parish, with deep roots, rich sacramental and spiritual traditions, and bold open-minded visions for a future of hope.

Saint John’s is a vital growing parish with an open and generous spirit! People are continually drawn here to the open and welcoming environment. If you are a seeking soul, a person with questions in your heart, a thirst for God and a desire for community, a sense of meaning in a sometimes chaotic world, we hope you will stop on by. There is always plenty of room at the table.


Saturday 5:00pm
Holy Eucharist (Come as You Are)

Sunday 10:00am
Holy Eucharist (Community Eucharist)

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