Caring for our Parish

There are several teams that help strengthening the life and ministry of our congregation. Each of these committees, task forces and individuals are crucial in helping us to sustain and support our common mission. If you have a gift to share in any of these areas, please know that  you are welcome.

Stewardship Team

Stewardship is the way we offer back to God and the community from the gifts God has given us. Evangelism is our call to spread the “Good News” of Jesus Christ through our words and actions. This ministry team helps guide the parish in ongoing works in these areas.

Property Committee

We have two historic buildings built in the early 1800s and lots of property that require constant, steady maintenance and upkeep. (See our History Page.) The Property Committee shows care and stewardship for our buildings and grounds.

Finance/Budget Committee

The finance/budget committee facilitates the annual budgetary process. Members of this team collaborate with each of the ministries in our parish to help shape the budget for the upcoming year. These figures are shaped by the parish treasurer and finalized by a formal vote of the vestry in December each year.


Saturday 5:00pm
Holy Eucharist (Come as You Are)

Sunday 10:00am
Holy Eucharist (Community Eucharist)

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