Pastoral Care

The work of pastoral care is given to all God’s people in baptism, seeking and serving Christ in all persons and loving our neighbor as ourselves.  This is our call as a community of faith: to reach forth God’s love to one another, especially to those in need.  Our Pastoral Care Team in collaboration with the clergy extends God’s caring love in particular ways, reaching out to the sick, the hurting, the mourning and the dying, families in need and those who are experiencing difficult life transitions.

Some of the work of our Pastoral Care Team includes, visiting the home-bound, Eucharistic Visits, bringing meals to those who are experiencing loss, hardship or going through a life transition, sending cards of encouragement, Prayer Shawl Ministry and the promise of prayer for those in need.

If you are hurting, would like a visit from a member of the clergy or have a prayer request, we would like to hear from you.


Saturday 5:00pm
Holy Eucharist (Come as You Are)

Sunday 10:00am
Holy Eucharist (Community Eucharist)

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