Children’s Ministries


Children’s Ministries Registration Form 2012-13(+Parish Volunteer Form)

All God’s children, regardless of age, are full members of our community. We want all children to feel welcome, safe and comfortable at Saint John’s.

Some of our children greet Dr. Lynn Auerbach

Nursery and Ministry to infants and toddlers and their families

Nursery Ministry is provided for infants and toddlers throughout the year. The nursery is located in the parish hall and is staffed by both youth and adult volunteers. Young children are also welcome in the church service. There are soft toys, books and a rocking chair available at the rear of the church. Parents should feel free to walk their children in the rear of the church or escape to the nursery if they are encountering challenges during the service. There is a changing table available in the bathroom in the parish hall.

Religious Formation for Pre-primary children (Godly Play)

Godly Play is a Montessori-based program, teaching children the art of using religious language-parable, sacred story, silence and liturgical action – to help them become more fully aware of the mystery of God’s presence in their lives. In the Godly play room we emphasize listening, gentleness, and creativity.

Religious Formation for Elementary Age Children (Workshop Rotations)

WorkshopCycles is a new way of experiencing Sunday School. It takes seriously the spiritual development of children while providing creative, hands-on activities to help children learn the stories of God and God’s people. Children work on the same story or concept for five weeks, using different learning approaches each week.

Sacramental Preparation Programs

Holy Eucharist


Children’s Choir, Pentecost

Family Liturgy

Every 6 weeks and on special liturgical feasts, the liturgy is specifically oriented toward children and families. However, every Sunday the children are made to feel a part of the worshiping community.

Safe Church Policy

Saint John’s seeks to provide a safe place for all God’s children to grow in faith.  In order to provide this “safe place” we abide by diocesan and parish safe church guidelines, ensuring that all lay volunteers are both trained and screened and that our environment for worship and study is open, visible and secure. Please review our safe church policy here.


Saturday 5:00pm
Holy Eucharist (Come as You Are)

Sunday 10:00am
Holy Eucharist (Community Eucharist)

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